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We are asking Canadians to become part of the equation on Giving Tuesday and make a difference that counts as we wind up our #morethananumber campaign.

A DIFFERENT KIND OF FORMULA - In schools all over the world, 1 + 1 = 2, but not every school works with the same equation. Vast inequalities exist around the globe, putting children and their communities at a disadvantage.

These facts don’t add up.

At EduDeo Ministries we believe that 1 + 1 can equal more than 2 because we use a different formula:


Each child is more than just a number in a sea of faces. Each one is a loved creation of our Heavenly Father, with hopes and dreams. Our goal is for each student to discover their place in God’s world by learning about Him in every area of the classroom – multiplying your investment in their life to impact their family, their community and even their nation for Christ as they live to serve and glorify Him!

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