Events for Life Centre Inc.

To start our day, we will be bringing up the GivingTuesday website on the SmartBoard in our learning commons. Everyone will be learning more about the history of the organization, why it is called GivingTuesday and then discover together what happens all over the country on this special day. We will talk about what giving back means to them and how our organization wouldn't survive without the kindness of our donors. Then we will split into groups to GIVE BACK. Some participants will start baking so we can deliver muffins to the donors in our community. Others will be working on Christmas decorations that we can give away. Everyone will also prepare a random act of kindness they can do for a friend or family member. Closing discussion will revolve around the importance of giving and how we all need to be kind to one another. Another video of GivingTuesday will be played for the group to see what other have done to give back.

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