Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere (FAME)

One in five Canadians will experience a mental illness. At FAME, we support the other four – the family members and caregivers.

On GivingTuesday, FAME needs your help to raise awareness for families & caregivers who support a loved one with a mental health concern.

All you need is a backpack!

STEP 1: Simply wear a backpack on Tuesday instead of a purse or briefcase. If possible, wear it the whole day – the idea is getting people to ask you why you’re wearing it!

STEP 2: Explain why you are raising awareness for FAME, and let others know about the important work we do.

STEP 3: Snap a picture and tag us on social media using the hashtag #FAMEhasyourback 

You can also participate in GivingTuesday by helping us fill 20 Backpacks for FAMEkids Safe Kid Kits. Learn more about Safe Kid Kits here!

1 Backpack = $50
Fill a backpack with any of the following:

Personal Care:$10 will provide basic toiletries for one child’s Safe Kids Kit; your gift will help a child to take care of their basic needs.

Warmth & Nourishment:$10will provide seasonal items such as mittens, toques and warm socks, as well as non-perishable snacks for one child’s Safe Kids Kit; your gift will help keep children warm and nourished.

Safety & Security: $10 will provide important materials for one child’s Safe Kids Kit - such as affirmation cards, feelings cards, safety plans, emergency contact cards; your gift will help to remind a child of the support that is available to them.

Reflection & Self-Expression:$15 will provide art supplies for one child’s Safe Kids Kit; your gift will help a child to explore their feelings and learn about mental health through creative expression.

Play:$5 will provide toys and personal objects for one child’s Safe Kids Kit; these items are tailored to the personal interests of each child and help to ensure that a child remembers to have fun while continuing to support a loved who is living with a mental illness.

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Together, we can foster hope, strength, and resilience in families.

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