Fondation RMR Foundation

Launching the RMR Foundation's annual fundraising appeal to coincide with GivingTuesday.

Donations will help with providing emergency financial assistance to RMR soldiers identified by the chain of command, and providing relief to veterans of the RMR. In the past several years we have helped RMR soldiers who otherwise would have faced eviction or worse. Some of the soldiers helped had young families and donations you make will help them keep their home & maintain a stable routine while the family transitioned through a difficult career change.

Beyond direct veteran support, the RMR Foundation provides assistance for the needs of the RMR family, advises on request, the CO of the RMR or any of its affiliated units, promotes the role of the Reserve Forces within the Canadian Armed Forces and the Regiment’s affiliated municipalities, lobbies for the promotion of a more effective Canadian Defence Force, funds the operation of the RMR Museum's annual exhibitions, and supports an education program providing free teaching materials to supplement the new Quebec history curriculum and to help students have a greater knowledge of Quebec’s role in military conflicts throughout the last 100+ years, and ultimately to help them understand the long-term impacts of war upon all facets of our peaceful society.

Please give generously - a receipt for income tax purposes will be generated automatically for all online donations over $20.00.

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