Fred Victor Centre

Being homeless is always awful. But, Christmas has to be the worst time of the year to have no home. Everywhere around you, there are messages about cozy, family gatherings in beautiful homes. But what if you have no home to decorate, no one to buy a gift for or party clothes to wear? What if you are being constantly reminded about all the things you don’t have?

To put it bluntly, not having a home is awful. It’s awful when it’s not Christmas. At the end of December, it’s even worse.

Homelessness is unfortunately very real in Toronto. On any given night five 8000+ people don’t have a safe secure place to call home.

Your donation can help.
When you donate big or small, you create festive meals and activities for people in Toronto who struggle with poverty, homelessness and poor health. And when you give generously, your gifts spill over into the cold winter months.

Just look at what your donations can do:

$30 = Personal Warmth - A pair of warm mittens and a week of hot nutritious breakfasts for a shelter resident
$50 Family Celebration - A turkey dinner celebration for a family with children living in affordable housing
$75 = Holiday Creations- Art and craft supplies for children's workshops making cards, crafts, painting & gifts
$100 = Shelter from the Cold - Crisis counselling, a warm bed for the night, toiletries and two meals
$150 = Warm and Cozy - A new warm soft blanket, a pair of slippers and pajamas for a woman in Transitional Housing
$500 = Christmas Dinner for a Crowd - 96 people call Fred Victor’s 145 Queen East home. They'll spend the holidays there. A special festive lunch with neighbours and friends makes the season brighter.

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