Friends of the Earth Canada

Are you daunted at the enormity of the environmental challenges we face?  I sure am even while I'm still learning new details about the magnitude of the challenges.
And yet, for the first time in almost a decade, I feel a surge of positive energy, a renewed energy to work toward "yes" for positive action.
Yes, climate change is the single biggest threat to our future.  Here in Canada, we're warming at twice the pace of the rest of the planet. 
Yes, we have to ramp up protection from both climate change and pesticides for the small creatures, bees, we absolutely need for a secure food supply. 
So yes, big and small challenges alike, we need to act now in a way that protects what we cherish.  It's time to reverse the way decisions were being made to exploit the environment for profit only.  Now we must put in place protection that will deliver a just, sustainable future. 
Will you say yes to help make sure decisions are made to protect the environment - big scale decisions for challenges like climate protection but also for small creatures like bees without which we're doomed.
By saying yes to a donation today, you can help ensure that Friends of the Earth Canada can continue to influence decision-making in the environment's best interests.

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