Gaden Samten Ling

Our spiritual teacher often talks about the importance of generosity.  One of the types of generosity is giving material goods when we are able. While charitableness undoubtedly benefits the recipient, by practising it, we create the causes to have both our material needs as well as our spiritual needs met in the future.

This year our fundraising efforts for #GivingTuesday focuses on the day to day operations and running of our temple. 

$20 donation will pay for office equipment and supplies for 1 day,

$50 donation covers the cost of repairs, maintenance and bank charges for 2 days

$100 donation picks up the cost for telephone and utilities for 1 week

$250 donation takes care of advertising and promotion for courses and events for 1 month.

Of course, please give whatever amount works for you.  It's not how much that matters, it's how many of us work together to support the temple we practice in. 

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