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A few years ago Giving Tuesday was created as a way to get our focus off ourselves and back on those in need after the big US Thanksgiving shopping weekend! This year we at Galcom decided to get on board! So what could we do, to get our focus back on the mission field?? about EXTREME PRODUCTION!!

Each week our volunteers give their time to assemble SOLAR POWERED fix tuned Radios and/or AUDIO BIBLES in our production department. On an average day we make about 200 units...for giving Tuesday we are setting a pretty high goal...we are calling this day EXTREME PRODUCTION and have a goal to complete 1,000 Go-Tell  radios...this will complete an order heading for distribution in South Sudan!! 

Most people in South Sudan live on less than a dollar a day. They have no access to clean water, electricity or schools. We can make a difference with solar radios tuned to Every Village radio stations broadcasting chronological Bible stories, news, health information and educational programs.   

You can be a part of our EXTREME PRODUCTION day by being an EXTREME GIVER! Our awesome Ministry partner Every Village matches funds...our financial goal for this day is $10,000!! With matching funds that means all 1,000 Go-Tell radios made on December 1st will be 100% funded. 

Plan now to follow our updates on social media throughout Tuesday by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be posting pics and updates all day Tuesday!



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