Georgian Triangle Humane Society

Andrea had been through a considerable journey before entering the GTHS program in the summer of 2018. After being transferred out of several shelters she caught a ride with One Last Chance rescue to her final shelter, the Georgian Triangle Humane Society. Andrea arrived with a luxating patella that required surgery to ensure she could walk and play without pain. Once at the GTHS, it was also discovered that Andrea was positive for heartworm, which would require extensive treatment to ensure her safe recovery. During her 18-month treatment for heartworm Andrea needed to be kept quiet and well rested. The GTHS knew a special family was needed to help Andrea through her journey to recovery. This home would have to take her for her vet appointments for her heartworm treatment and help her through her rehabilitation after her luxating patella repair. Through everything, Andrea was simply full of love and gratitude. Thanks to caring donors like you, Andrea’s recovery was possible. Eighth scene:Best yet, Andrea found a loving family. You can help save more animals like Andrea. This Giving Tuesday, please consider a gift to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society.

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