Girls' Globe

Girls' Globe is a new, international, non-profit organization, providing an online platform to enhance the voices of women and girls around the world. Here's how we see it: Women are powerful, capable agents of their own change, who sometimes lack an easily accessible space for their voices to be heard. We believe the more awareness created around current issues facing women around the world, the more likely it is people will do something to advocate change. What better way to become aware of what's going on than from the voices of women themselves? Our platform hosts a team of young, female bloggers from around the world who share their stories and perspectives. It also hosts a network of women's-based organizations who share their work in the field and connect with one another online. Our core team at Girls' Globe attends international conferences focused on enhancing the rights of women and girls, to learn and share the most up-to-date information on relevant issues with our networks. We hope to continue to grow and eventually become the 'go-to' online network for sharing information and enhancing connectedness amongst women and the organizations that work to empower them. We are confident this grassroots approach to education and advocating action will lead to increased connectedness and positive change for women and girls around the world. For Giving Tuesday, we are accepting online donations to help with the core development of Girls' Globe's work, so we can continue to expand our global network and raise the voices of women and girls. To make a donation online, please visit: