Greater Trail Hospice Society

Help us raise $ 3000,00 for children and teens grief resources.

Grief is something that effects us all at one time in our life. Grief is loss, whether that is a death, divorce, loss of a job, loss of independence or loss of a social life. Grief effects all ages. Our Children's Grief Group currently has fourteen (14) children ages 4 to 12. Our Grief Support volunteers see people from all walks of life and ages with different grief focuses. In addition to the group and individual support we have a library which is an additional resource for anyone to use.

We have realized that our library is deficient in two very important areas - children and teenage grief resources. Providing resources to the parents of children and teens suffering loss in addition to materials targeting them directly is an area in our library that we would really like to expand. Good quality books that speak directly to young people about grief and loss and give their parents a resource through difficult times are important and impact everyone in our community.

Please donate toward our campaign to purchase books and videos to add to our library. We appreciate your support. You can support us long term by signing up to become a monthly donor, the form is available on line, at our website, or at the office.

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