Guelph Community Health Centre

We are aiming to raise funds to support our two weekly drop-in WE Breastfeed cafés. These are led by mothers with at least 6 months experience of breastfeeding who encourage and enable other parents to learn new breastfeeding information and practical skills, and assist them to solve their breastfeeding problems. These child and family-friendly cafés are a place in which mothers can practice their new breastfeeding skills, receive immediate support, and share their breastfeeding highs and lows with each other in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. And include facilitated discussions where parents can get practical support and encouragement without judgement. Referrals are also made at the cafés for on-going one-to-one matches with WE Breastfeed volunteers, and to other breastfeeding supports in the community. As many as 18 mothers have attended the downtown café each week.

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