Halton Alive


At Halton Alive our mission is to promote a culture of life in our community through the power of education and support.

This Giving Tuesday will launch our annual Candy Canes for Life education campaign in the community. Christmas is a time of celebration and joy but for many people it is also a difficult and emotional time. This year we are spreading good cheer through our Candy Canes for Life campaign and reminding our community that they matter, life matters and while there may be pain and suffering mixed into this joyful time of year there is also hope and a way forward.

We are reminding people they are stronger than they think! Choose life, choose love, choose something bigger than yourself this Christmas. 
Our campaign includes:
  • 5000+ postcards delivered
  • 10,000 flyer ads
  • Classroom presentations reaching hundreds of students locally
  • Youth Team engagement
  • Presentations in church communities

At Christmas time we are reminded of many important needs in our community and we are glad you support people in difficult circumstances after they are born - we do too! But we know that rights and health begin with the safety of the womb. Help us in our effort to support Moms and Dads to make choices that are edifying to them AND their unborn children. Help us as we educate families and churches in our community on this important topic and equip them to make life giving choices.

Education saves lives. Help us spread the word.


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