Hamilton Music Collective


The Hamilton Music Collective is launching our year-end campaign - AIFEC in the key of G - Giving Tuesday.

HMC provides free weekly music lessons and instruments to over 650 children across Hamilton through the An Instrument For Every Child program. Giving Tuesday marks the launch of our year end campaign: AIFEC in the Key of... G for Giving.

From now until the end of the day on Tuesday November 27th, Redhill Toyota will match all donations received up to $5000 to bring music into the lives of more children in Hamilton, Ontario. As part of the campaign, Redhill Toyota is helping us spread the word through bus shelter ads placed throughout the city, seen below, which share the benefits that music provides for children.

Our goal is to reach $10 000 this year to provide free music lessons to 40 students for one year. We have seen the confidence and creativity that shines in children when they are provided with the gift of music.

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