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Health Innovation Initiative


Health Innovation Initiative (HI2) is a non-profit organization founded in Montréal in 2017. Our mission is to strengthen health innovation in Canada. We do this by bridging gaps between academia, industry, clinical practice, government, and community. We create training, networking, and collaboration opportunities for post-secondary students and early career professionals in any field related to health innovation.

To help supplement operational costs for our upcoming fiscal year, we are seeking $2k in donations. These funds will go towards software that will allow us to better connect with stakeholders and engage with wider audiences. A detailed budget can be provided upon request.

Prioritizing the health of our community is our raison d’être and we invite you to donate and join us as we continue to strengthen health innovation in Canada and facilitate connections within the ecosystem. Giving Tuesday represents just the beginning of the holiday giving season and we are grateful for your support of our ongoing giving campaign.

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