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Christmas is coming! And it’s the most wonderful time of year to spend with family and friends around the tree and warmth of a fire while the children anticipate Santa’s arrival.

Well, Kate was anticipating an arrival of her own at Christmas – one she didn’t tell anyone about. You see, Kate is one of 500 teenage girls who give birth in Calgary every year.  Kate grew up surrounded by poverty and abuse. - and she was so mistrustful of her guardians that she kept her pregnancy a secret until that Christmas Eve, when as a confused and scared 16 year old, she lay in a cold bathtub and gave birth to her son Noah. She cut the umbilical cord with scissors, wrapped Noah in a towel and tried to clean herself up. Thankfully she texted a friend and that friend called an ambulance.

But that isn’t the worst part – when she left the hospital the next day she was alone, penniless and had nowhere to lay her newborn son to rest. Fortunately she found hope at Highbanks.

We moved Kate and Noah into a furnished 2 bedroom apartment and in 2 years she completed high school and received a scholarship to University.

With a focus on Education, Highbanks creates opportunities for single moms and their children by providing housing, a community and skill development.

All residents must enroll in formal education and participate in Highbanks programs focused on Parenting Education - because being a good parent is a tough job; Trauma Therapy – to help kids like Kate deal with systematic abuse and toxic stress; and core Life Skills – such as cooking, healthy relationships, financial literacy, and goal setting.

For 13 years we have been a sustainable social enterprise – we own our own building! Our commercial tenants, Dairy Lane and Velvet Style, provide 20% of our funding needs. Highbanks does not receive any government funding.


We want to raise $5,000 so that Highbanks can launch an Alumnae Mentorship Program! Kate has graduated from University and is a Director of Marketing! As a young woman who credits Highbanks for her success she will lead a pilot program to match our 70 graduates as mentors to young mothers to inspire them to strive for a better life.

As you envision your family holiday this year, help us provide a bright future for all the children like Noah who will celebrate his 7th birthday with his Highbanks family this Christmas.

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