Hope for Wildlife


“Complete the Country Clinic” Campaign

Last Year, with your support, Hope for Wildlife was able to raise the roof on the Fenton Farmhouse that contains: the administrative office, indoor marine unit, small mammal nursery, intern living quarters, aviary and flight cage.

This year we are asking for your help to “Complete our Country Clinic” which will be Hope for Wildlife’s new Veterinary Hospital. We are almost ready to open our doors but we are still in need of vital equipment necessary for wildlife medicine. At this time, Hope for Wildlife must send some patients off-site because we must outsource many difficult procedures. Our goal is to be able to perform these tests right on site. This will allow us to diagnose illnesses and injuries more quickly. A Quicker diagnose means a quicker release date and a lot less stress on the patients.

All donations received through this campaign will go towards the completion of our Country Clinic. THANK YOU again to all of our supporters. Without you generosity, this project would not be possible.

About Hope for Wildlife
Hope for Wildlife is a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and education organization located in Seaforth, Nova Scotia. Since 1997, Hope for Wildlife has rehabilitated and released over 40,000 injured and orphaned wild animals representing over 250 species.

As part of its mission, Hope for Wildlife aims to connect people to wildlife in a positive way, through knowledge and understanding. Every year, Hope for Wildlife assists over 10,000 callers through its wildlife helpline, welcomes thousands of visitors to its facilities for guided tours, gives hundreds of offsite presentations to community and school groups, and collects a wide range of data from animals treated at its rehabilitation centre.

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