Hospice Toronto


For our Giving Tuesday* Campaign this year, Hospice Toronto will be raising funds for our Young Carers Program (YCP) which supports young carers or kids under the age of 18, who are in a caregiving role for a parent, grandparent, sibling or relative with a chronic or life threatening illness, disability, addiction, mental illness, or language barrier.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response last year, we have been inspired to set our goal to $3,000 this year to help cover the cost of providing support and therapeutic programming to kids coping with adult responsibilities. 

For many young carers who are involved with the caregiving responsibility of a loved one, the holidays, much like any other time of the year, can be a very challenging time. YOU can do something really impactful this holiday season.

DONATE NOW, and every gift will go straight towards helping some really awesome kids with extraordinary caregiving responsibilities! 

1. A gift of $25 will sponsor one of the 100 mini hand-crafted 'Elli the Elephants' which will be given to our young carers at the annual Family Holiday Party in December. 

2. A gift of $50 will help cover the cost of giving a young carer a break by taking them out to fun activities/outings like: 
  • A trampoline park
  • Rock climbing
  • Movies
  • Aquarium

3. A gift of $75 will provide supplies for one after school programming event for 10 kids, which will help pay for: 
  • Food
  • Art supplies

4. A gift of $100 will send a kid to camp and help cover the cost of:
  • A day trip
  • Sports equipment for fun group activities
  • Art supplies for therapeutic activities
  • Food

You can also support with a donation amount of your choice. Every little bit will go a long way. 
This holiday season, give some really amazing kids (age 5 - 18) who are acting as caregivers for loved ones a chance to be a kid on Giving Tuesday. Each donation will take us a step closer to reaching our $3,000 goal. 

*Giving Tuesday is part of National Giving Day in Canada, which takes place every year after Cyber Monday, where we Canadians can all join together to rally for our favourite causes.

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