Humane Society Yukon

Our mission at Humane Society Yukon is to help animals in need. To give them a safe warm place to stay while we try to find the best forever home for them! We have amazing dedicated staff who provide love and care to our animals. Covid has been tough on everyone and we have managed to keep the shelter safe and to intake and adopt out hundreds of dogs and cats to loving homes through the pandemic. In the past year alone we have adopted out over 300 dogs and cats combined, and spay / neuter / vaccinate and microchip every animal that comes through the shelter. This is crucial to the health and welfare of the animal population in the Yukon keeping disease and infection at bay and reducing unwanted and overpopulating litters of kittens and pups. We are always in need of funding and thanks to our generous donors have been able to stay the course, but it is getting harder as the pandemic wears on. Please consider donating to the shelter to help us keep doing the needed work for the community.

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