HUSA Centre

This will be HUSA's first time participating in GivingTuesday. HUSA (Human Sympathy Association) aims to provide opportunity and support to orphaned and vulnerable children in Kimamba, Tanzania. HUSA Children's Centre is currently caring for over 50 children between the ages 1-18 years old. The children receive support depending on their needs and the availability of support from relatives. The majority of the children at HUSA have lost both their parents and may only have an elderly grandparent in the village for support. Some cases involve children whose mothers are ill, often with HIV/AIDS, and are struggling to care for the children. HUSA offers support to children who may have no other means to meet their needs such as food, shelter, health, and education. HUSA is a registered orphanage and Community Based Organization in Tanzania: Registration Number: KLS/CBO/010 Through GivingTuesday we hope to raise the funds necessary to ensure that the children at HUSA Centre are able to continue their education in grades one through 12. This year will mark a milestone for HUSA as there are a record number of children planning to attend their senior years of education. With this wonderful accomplishment comes an increased need for funding which is why we hope our GivingTuesday online campaign will be a huge success! We will also be raising funds to support the funding needs for repairs on the school and the community garden. With your help we hope to raise $15,000!

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