Ideal Way Inc.

Ideal Way has launched a citywide campaign to respond to the age-old adage of building communities of equity, inclusion and diversity. It's time we "walk the talk" and build the first ever ALL Inclusive community model. We plan to ignite a firestorm of human connectivity to build an unprecedented community model of inclusion. From all City of London boundaries, all walks of life and lifestyle choices, all ages, colour and faith, we have partnered with local organizations, businesses and government to celebrate our diversity and grow a community of ALL Inclusive champions. Founded by Robert Pio Hajjar, born with Down syndrome, Ideal Way is believed to be the first Canadian charity conceived by and individual with an intellectual disability. Robert used his life savings of $62.05 to start an organization to help others like him to reach their potential. Robert asks, "What can you do with $62.05 to impact positive change in your community? Answer: Take the $62.05 challenge and show you support for an ALL-Inclusive community. Give what you can or offer some volunteer time to help realize the first community to DO IT - LIVE IT - WEAR IT.