Jacob's Healing Rooms Project at The Hospital for Sick Children

Three years ago, my life changed forever. I was diagnosed with severe Crohn's Disease, that would within 6 months of being diagnosed, see my colon being removed. I've gone through many treatments to try to get it into control, or "remission" but the treatments so far have had limited success. I am at the point of being out of medical treatment options. For Christmas last year, I was going through IV treatments of a medication called Remicade, and looking around the room suddenly came up with a wish to create Jacob's Healing Rooms, an uplifting place of hope and healing for kids receiving these types of treatments. I knew that this was something that I really wanted to do to help inspire others and leave a lasting positive change in this world. I am fundraising to create child-friendly outpatient treatment rooms at The Hospital for Sick Children to help brighten up the treatment experience for the many kids who come through their doors. I want to create a comforting but inspiring environment to help kids through the treatment and healing process. I am going to install tablets at each treatment chair, to provide the patient with access to their e-mail, internet, and of course, distracting games. I want to bring in environmental distractions such as a sensory bubble tube machine in each of the 3 rooms, light covers with clouds on them. I know that these distractions can help a child to escape, even briefly, from what they are going through. Please help me make my wish to help other sick children come true! Together we can make a difference and bring a smile to others!

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