Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity

Look at those beautiful eyes.

If you look at them long enough, you might not see the tubing in little Felix’s nose. That’s the only hint that something isn’t quite right. Yet shortly after his birth, Felix’s parents received the devastating news that there was something very wrong with their precious little boy.

What you can’t see is the eight months that Felix spent in isolation after his birth. You can’t see the worry that his parents felt, wondering when they would get to take home and start a “normal” life…wondering if their daughter would ever have the chance to get to know her little brother.

You see, at just ten days old, Felix’s parents received the news that he had a life-threatening condition called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease, or SCID.  SCID is a genetic disorder also known as “bubble boy disease,” named after David Vetter, born in 1971, whose life was profiled in the John Travolta movie “TheBoy in the Plastic Bubble”

This wasn't what his parents envisioned as they anticipated his arrival.   The emotional and financial strain of their child’s illness is not something any parent is fully prepared for.  They are struggling.

Can you imagine the stress this family is under? How many of us have savings set aside in case your child gets sick? 

Because of people like YOU, who believe all children deserve access to vital medical care and treatments, JACC was able to help Felix's family with the cost of prescribed special formula crucial to his health and development.  It’s not covered by health insurance and beyond what her family could afford.

Felix’s family is just one of 1,000+ families in Ontario that come to us for help every year.  They have children facing a wide array of medical diagnoses: Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delays, Epilepsy, and more.  They are struggling to make ends meet while caring for their sick child and their needs are urgent

YOU can be the ray of hope they so desperately need!

We have volunteer opportunities, fundraising initiatives, and lots of other ways to 'pay it forward' and contribute to the smiles of our Jennifer Ashleigh families.

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