Kaeja d'Dance


We're calling on our friends and supporters to help support our public animation work, like the award winning Porch View Dances, for Summer 2016! Porch View Dances celebrates diversity; enhances community spirit; and bridges the gap between youth, the elderly, and their communities.

Porch View Dances (PVD) is an inclusive, community engagement and arts participation project for Toronto. Conceived by Karen Kaeja and with continued development by Karen and Allen Kaeja PVD was designed to celebrate the stories of neighbourhood residents and bridges the gap between professional art and the general public. Engaging real people, in real time, in real spaces the event includes professionally choreographed dances created on and with local families/residents (most of whom have never danced before!) and audience inclusive dance inventions that get spectators participating in the creation of dance art.

"I've never seen such a successful removal of the barrier between performers and audience. People will make art if you let them." Sheldon Rose (participant, 2014)

“There is community outreach, and then there is Porch View Dances. Outreach has long been a catch phrase in the arts, but Porch View Dances could be the poster child for how to do everything right. … Porch View Dances was an event that brought a neighbourhood together … it was and is a wonderful way of integrating professional choreographers into the community … It was a highlight of my summer.” Paula Citron, Globe and Mail

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