‘‘When a woman is no longer silent, she is no longer alone in her struggle.’’
Chantal Bilulu, Héritiers de la Justice

Héritiers de la Justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo is making sure that women do not have to remain silent about sexual violence. This KAIROS partner organization is helping women to find their voices and training them to not only defend their own rights, but to advocate for peace and human rights within their communities.

Chantal trains and works with local women’s committees that Héritiers de la Justice(HJ) has created in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These groups organize training workshops about women’s rights and about the Congolese law against sexual violence. Many women have come forward after workshops and for the first time broken their silence about experiencing sexual violence. Accompanying these women on their healing journeys is at the heart of HJ’s work.

With financial support from KAIROS, HJ operates a legal clinic that serves victims of sexual violence. It has helped to bring about numerous convictions for these offences, sending a strong signal that impunity for sexual violence must end.

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