Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture


Filipino-Canadian youth need your help to keep Kapisanan thriving! Kapisanan launched its third annual #SupportK online fundraising campaign that will continue the organization’s efforts to inspire, engage, and give Filipino-Canadian youth a platform to make their voices heard!

When you make a charitable donation to KAPISANAN you are helping young Filipino-Canadians cultivate an enriched sense of community, and a more visible presence and contribution toward the broader Canadian community. Your help gives our young people a new and authentic sense of pride, that will empower and support them to rise above the challenges ahead of them.

For a decade now, KAPISANAN has made a significant impact by providing both Canadian-born and newcomer Filipino youth positive and relatable role models, mentors, and a supportive community of peers, so they can explore their culture and heritage--leading to new, positive views on their personal lives and more confidence in pursuing opportunities that will impact their future.

#SupportK is Kapisanan's plea to help propel us even further! We need YOUR contribution to continue to inspire and engage the next generation of youth!

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