Kids Against Hunger Canada

As a registered charitable humanitarian organization and having a mission to reduce the number of hungry & starving children, Kids Against Hunger Canada (KAHC) initiates 'hands on' involvement for local community volunteers, schools, service groups, and/or company employees. We logistically setup KAHC Food Pack events for them. They are involved in the whole process by doing such things as mixing the fortified food ingredients (high in protein and having 21 vitamins & minerals) into individual food bags, weigh it to 400 gram bags, heat seal the bags, count & box them, and load the boxes for transportation. Each individual food bag contains a full days nutrition for six individuals. It is a miracle food for restoring the health of poorly nourished children! The events also have the benefits of growing the participants in the areas of building their self-esteem, their self-worth and value in being a 'hands on' participant to the solution for ending hunger; and being part of a team, as 'teamwork' is essential in these Food Pack events. They are fun events, people grow spiritually with them, and the receivers of the food are over-joyed to get this life sustaining nourishment!