Knox United Church

Today is Giving Tuesday,  Knox has had volunteers like these cooking meals every Tuesday for 36 years (not just Giving Tuesday) for people in Kenora who need a warm and friendly place to eat lunch or supper.  The food is one thing but the emotional connections over the years is  entirely another. Giving Tuesday is Knox’s opportunity to say “Thank you”, not only to today’s loyal Tuesday crew but to the Thursday, and Friday volunteers and to the Wed night Volunteers from around the community.  This ministry of connection could not happen without people like these!  It also could not happen with people like YOU who donate to Knox and make it possible for buildings to be maintained, utilities and staff salaries to be paid.  Knox continues to reach out, to connect and to partner in new ways.  So after all the Black Friday shopping, please consider a gift back to the community and to Knox. Its easy to do now, online at
Supporting Knox grows our capacity for community partnerships, youth engagement, hospitality to the under-resourced, support for the grieving, environmental advocacy, expansive Christian community and living out of the gospel. Knox is a wonderful example of faith in action and a welcoming community to be a part of. Help us to grow our work in Kenora and beyond.

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