Lake Ridge Community Support Services

We strive to support those with the greatest need in Durham.  Currently the majority of the families we serve fall into the category of “hard to service”, for a variety of reasons; trauma, mental health, cognitive impairments, economic status and English as a second language. With the new Ontario Autism Program many families will not receive enough funding through the program to support the needs of their child(ren). Our agency started in 1986 with a mission to help those marginalized by society to find a home, community services and a meaningful place in their community.  This mission continues today and regardless of the ministry’s mandates and restructuring of our programs we want to ensure that we continue to provide service to those who we have always helped.  Our hope is that through fundraising, we will be able to remove barriers to those with limited financial support to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to reach their own unique potential and to help them achieve a better-sustained quality of life. 

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