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Support education transformation and help us develop creative, critical thinking children and youth across Canada.

Help Our Children and Youth Thrive
Let’s Talk Science encourages development of vital life skills our children need to thrive in the complex, technological world they will inherit. They’ll need to make day-to-day decisions about health, food, housing and finances. They’ll compete for future jobs that haven’t yet been created. They’ll also be called upon to address global challenges such as climate change, transportation, energy usage, food production and water stewardship.

Your Help is Needed
With your generosity, Let’s Talk Science will continue to nurture the ability of youth – from toddlers to teens – to ask powerful questions, seek answers and effectively use the information they find. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is a powerful, interdisciplinary platform we use to help develop these skills through our award-winning hands-on, minds-on learning programs and services for children, youth and educators in urban, rural and remote locales across our nation — free of charge.

Can Our Children Count on Your Support?
In 2014-15, Let’s Talk Science reached over 800,000 Canadian youth and children, in over 1,500 communities across Canada. Donate today and help us grow our reach to another 5 million children, youth and educators over the next five years.

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