Life Donation Awareness Association / Trillium Gift of Life Network

What can you Give, Guelph?   HOPE, to the 7 people in Guelph and over 1600 people in Ontario who are currently waiting for an organ that will save their life. Show them that the people of Guelph care by registering your consent to donate your organs and tissue. 

Although when asked over 85% of people say they support organ & tissue donation, in Guelph only 38% of us have registered our consent to donate. Why the disconnect? This is not something that is top of mind for most of us, and we do not know what an impact we can have. But one organ donor can save up to 8 lives, and help change the lives of 75 more people through the gift of tissue.

Today you can give those who need it a little hope while they wait, and then one day you may save a life, or even 8!

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