Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders


This year, we thought we'd share the voices of those whose lives are turning around because of generous donations from people like you. They are the voices of hope. They are the voices of recovery and freedom from eating disorders – a devastating mental illness affecting some 1.5 million Canadians. 

The truth is, eating disorders are on the rise – and still very much misunderstood. Coming forward for help is no easy feat. Recovery takes hard work and the support of others who understand that journey. Many of us here at the Looking Glass Foundation know first-hand just how challenging recovery is. We also know, and like our LGF community shows, that journey is worth it. Recovery is possible – but only with the support of donors like you who make our programs and services possible.

The impact of your gift.
With your support, our many programs and services are helping more people than ever before – people across all ages, genders, and backgrounds affected by this tragic disease.

Your single or monthly gift will help even more people in need access our:

  • Residential Care
  • Online services (Online Peer Support and Individualized Support Service)
  • One of a kind in person peer support (Hand in Hand)
  • 8-day Summer Camp
  • Our Scholarship Program

This #GivingTuesdayCA, your support doesn't just come in the form of donation. We'll be sharing quotes from the LGF community, the voices of hope, that show recovery IS possible. Share the campaign will your friends and followers.

In this season of giving, we invite you to give the gift of recovery to someone in pain. Help create more voices of hope.

About the Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders
The Looking Glass Foundation is a caring community of prevention and support for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders - and those who love them. We are all about getting to the other side of eating disorders, to eventually achieving a world without this devastating disease.

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