Make Music Matter

Make Music Matter uses the creative process as a therapeutic tool to help empower marginalized individuals and communities.

Our innovative Healing in Harmony music therapy program centres around a locally-built recording studio on the grounds of a healing institution or community centre. Women, children, and vulnerable community members gather in the recording studio and work with a therapeutic team that includes a psychologist trained in music therapy and a professional music producer; patients are transformed into artists. Learn more here.

At Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo, our program has successfully integrated into the holistic treatment of survivors of sexual violence, with promising results in significantly reducing levels of anxiety and PTSD through its unique approach. We’re currently raising funds for our second site in Kigali, Rwanda, in partnership with Uyisenga Ni Manzi, so we can continue to offer programming to youth in the community. The music therapy program focuses on trauma reduction for children of child-headed households, as well as on HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness, and the reduction of stigma.

This Giving Tuesday, we want to help spread the gift of music. We’ll be sharing songs from our music therapy programming and we want to hear the songs that have helped you overcome hardships, given you strength, or inspired you to take action.

Whether you’re an artist yourself or simply a fan:

1. Share a link to a song on Facebook or Twitter.
2. Include the #makemusicmatter hashtag.
3. We’ll be on the lookout to share it too, to celebrate the power of music to bring people together!

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