Making Treaty 7

The Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society explores the historical significance of the events at Blackfoot Crossing in 1877, while investigating the consequences and implications of Treaty 7, 139 years later. The Society invites people of all ages and backgrounds to consider an enlightened, sustainable future for everyone – together.

With the help of donors like yourself, Making Treaty 7 is able to carry the message of our shared history more and more audience members with every performance.

Your support will enable us to:
- Expand our educational program.
- Perform our shows to schools in and around Alberta.
- Tour our production to other cities within Canada.

The next generation grows in their wisdom as the power of theatre brings these stories to life; our audiences are entertained and enriched through an authentic experience of the culture that has defined this place for millennia.
Making Treaty 7 is ultimately intended as a transformational event for an entire community. How can we all learn to live together, work together and together build a better home for everyone?

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