Maternal Infant Health Canada (MIH Can)

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Maternal Infant Health Canada (MIH Can) supports sustainable, community-based, and culturally-appropriate maternal and child health (MNCH) practices in rural India through various creative strategies.
These strategies include:

  • Knowledge exchanges through training and seminars with our partners in India on best health practices for improving MNCH. Development of a reproductive health manual and early referral system for high risk mothers is in close to completion

  • Research to explore creative and novel approaches to reduce maternal and infant mortality across India. In partnership with Dr. Kranti Vohra, maternal health researcher of the Indian Institute of Public Health, a study of stress in rural women during the perinatal period is being conducted. As well an exploratory study to appraise the feasibility of Ayurveda—a traditional medical system—to prevent maternal and infant morbidity/mortality in India is underway.

  • MIH Can is also championing the innovative concept of linking holistic and traditional health care providers to ensure appropriate health access to remote areas with exceptionally high maternal and infant mortality.

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