MedicAlert Foundation Canada

Giving Tuesday is an important day at MedicAlert. As a registered Canadian charity, MedicAlert's mission is to save lives and has protected over 1 million Canadians for over 55 years. Simply put, we depend on the generosity of donors like you to keep life-saving programs going. 

Wendy, mom of 2 ½ year old Drew, turned to MedicAlert when her son was diagnosed with peanut allergy. Thanks to your support, Wendy now has the comfort of knowing that Drew is protected by MedicAlert's 24/7 Emergency Hotline and his MedicAlert identification is engraved with globally accepted medical terminology.

Thanks to generous donors like you, MedicAlert is able to provide free MedicAlert protection to over 66,000 children and youth through programs like No Child Without, but many more are waiting for the lifesaving service. 

There are many more Canadians that are living with medical conditions but cannot afford the service. Please consider making a gift to MedicAlert today so that you can help to protect more Canadians in need.

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