Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art

Mercer Union is an artist-run centre dedicated to the advancement of contemporary art. We are a bridge between the artist’s studio and professional practice, supporting artists’ autonomy to realize ambitious creative visions. We aim to expand the audience of contemporary art and further engage those already invested by producing and presenting exhibitions of cutting edge contemporary art. In delivering our mandate, we provide a professional physical place for the exhibition of artwork, while also providing direct production support to artists to create new work for Toronto audiences.

In addition to our ongoing programming that includes exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances and studio tours, we continue to commission exciting projects such as Tiziana La Melia’s poetic installation, Abbas Akhavan’s first solo show in Toronto, presentations by Karen Kraven, Krista Belle Stewart and Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, a major site-specific work by VSVSVS, and our latest video commission by Liz Magic Laser (currently on view into the New Year). In 2016, we look forward to working with Isabel Nolan (Dublin), Carlos Motta (New York), Jason Dodge (Berlin), Katinka Bok (Paris/Berlin), and Duane Linklater (North Bay).

Mercer Union, like so many artist-run organizations, operates on a shoestring budget. Even with stable public funding, significant growth in our audiences and critical acclaim for our programs, our ability to make amazing things happen depends on the support of our community. In order to provide artists with a professional platform, we need the help of our friends who share our commitment to artists working at the cutting edge of contemporary art. Please consider donating to our target of $7,500 by December 31st. Your contribution will help us realize at least one ambitious commissioned project in the next year. Most importantly, your contribution will help Mercer Union maintain its high standard of programs for you and yours to enjoy. 

Contribute to Mercer Union's success and enjoy a closer connection to the gallery and our unique mix of artist-run culture.

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