Mikinduri Children of Hope


Our Mission is to raise the standard of living for the poor peasants of the tiny remote village of Mikinduri Kenya. We have been partnering with the leaders in the community since 2003 and achieved some great accomplishments, but sadly there is such a great need. Our projects range from proving water through pipelines, to feeding programs at five very poor schools. Our feeding program provides nutritious meals for 1725 students each school day, by partnering with the school leaders and parents. We do not believe in charity, but rather we operate our outreach programs on a helping hand-up basis.
     It is important to note that we operate our Canadian operation on only 2% of the donated funds, which means that 98 cents out of every donated dollar get sent to our many programs in Kenya. Thank you in advance to anyone  who shares our passion for helping the poor of Kenya with your donation. May you be truly blessed.

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