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A Christian who never spends time reading the Bible tends to live a life that doesn't look much different than someone who does not know Jesus. But the good news is that when a Christian connects with God's Word four or more times each week, the difference is profound! They are dramatically less likely to get divorced, engage in sex outside of marriage, drink excessively, be addicted to gambling, or participate in other self-destructive behaviours.
Why such a difference? It's simply because they've formed the habit of studying scripture, meditating on what it says and applying what they have learned.

That's why Miracle Channel's mission is to equip Christians with the tools to grow their relationship with God—through great Christian television and our daily devotional.

We've translated our devotional, Devoted, into nine languages including French, Spanish and Hindi so we can share Jesus' encouraging message of hope and love not only across our culturally diverse country of Canada, but around the world as well. We're sending Devoted to prisons, to shelters, to hospitals... to people who need it the most and don't always have access to Biblical teaching.

Share God's love by giving today and supporting this worthwhile cause. And for any gift, we'll send you a 30 Day devotional ebook that focuses on God's love for you.

God's Word has the power to transform you by changing the way you think. And by giving to this outreach, God's Word will change lives everywhere.

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