Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School (ECS)


ECS was founded on the belief that involvement in one’s community is a vital part of a person’s rounded and whole development. The close ECS community includes students, faculty, and staff, past, current and new parents and parent volunteers, and a vast network of Alumnae. Outward-looking community awareness is at the heart of the ECS philosophy, and community service in an integral part of school and student life. In fact, the Non Nobis Programme gives each and every grade a focus and responsibility to achieve during the year, offering students the chance to understand others and therefore better understand themselves and their role in the world. Volunteers from the ECS community support the events and programmes that make ECS such a remarkable school. The active, involved ECS Parent Volunteer Association and volunteer Aaumnae bring their unique talents, skills, and dedication to helping deliver the ECS mission and providing an example of leadership and community-mindedness for their children.

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