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Below you will see how your support helps us promote and emphasize lived experience as a powerful pathway to hope, healing, and recovery.

As a Leader in peer support and strategies, the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (MDAO) has been offering support to individuals and their families living with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder since its inception in 1985, marking MDAO's 30th Anniversary.

We provide free recovery programs and peer support for people across Ontario. Our focus is on recovery, we provide awareness, education, training, recovery programs, and peer support. Our work is all built upon the dedication and efforts of caring volunteers and staff.

The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario is proud to mark Laughing Like Crazy's 10th Anniversary.
The Laughing Like Crazy program at the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario is an intensive 16-week group that teaches participants how to develop a stand-up comedy routine based on their experiences with mental health challenges and the mental health system. Laughing Like Crazy aims to empower participants and audiences alike, breakdown isolation and anxiety, build self-esteem, and challenge stigma. Looking at difficult issues through the lens of humour provides an empowering perspective on mental health issues, builds confidence, and improves communication.

"I learned about the LLC program when I attended a showcase. I was inspired by what I saw and wanted to be up there one day. People always told me I was funny. Coincidentally they were starting up a young adult group soon. So I applied and was accepted! I was going through a very rough time in my life. I was recently diagnosed with a dual diagnosis and had to withdraw from my studies. Laughter was just what I needed to de-stress!"

"During the 16 week program, I met other young adults struggling with mental illness and addictions in a broken system. I knew I was not alone. Our facilitator, Emma A., made everyone feel safe and welcome by creating a comfort agreement. As we created and shared our jokes with the group, we got feedback to make them funnier."

"Performing my five minute stand-up comedy routine to an audience of 250 people really helped eliminate my fear of public speaking. I could not believe people actually laughed at my jokes or wanted to meet me afterwards! My most requested joke is about my mom confusing my diagnosis of Asperger's with asparagus. My most memorable shows include performing in front of psychiatrists (they all laughed!), and performing at McMaster University. We were treated like VIPs: a free ride to and from McMaster University, free dinner, and $30 cash and two TTC tokens for us to keep. LLC was a positive experience for me and I would definitely recommend this program." -Anonymous

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary of Laughing Like Crazy, we have produced a Laughing like Crazy Book filled with the jokes of Laughing Like Crazy participants. The community backing Laughing Like Crazy understands the necessity of supporting individuals affected by mood disorders. By purchasing this book, you help us deliver more Laughing Like Crazy programs. It is that simple. Your purchase is a gift that creates hope. Give the Gift of Laughter this Season.

Laughing Like Crazy, the Book is $25.00, plus $5.00 shipping and handling

A donation of $1,092.00 funds 3 Laughing Like Crazy participants

A donation of $ 5,460.00 funds one sixteen week program for all 15 participants.  With this generous donation we will name the program after you.  Example: Laughing Like Crazy Phil Brown Spring 2016 Program, we will invite you to meet the participants at their graduation so you can see first-hand the life changing gift you have provided.

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