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Meet Natalie. She’s just one of the 133,000 children who are living in poverty in our city, right now.

Natalie was going through a tough time when I first met her.  Our BLAST leaders told me that she had been a victim of bullying at school and her self-esteem was at rock bottom. At BLAST, I watched her interacting with the other children and I could see that, although she was struggling, the positive environment based on respect and caring was helping her, slowly but surely, come out of her shell.  It became clear to me that this was a child in need of the year-round support that Moorelands can offer. I determined, right then and there, to get Natalie to camp.

Fast-forward to this summer at Moorelands Camp and I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie again. This time around, it was like meeting a different person.  I saw her beaming with confidence as she sang camp songs with a group of friends around the campfire. As the campfire came to a close, her cabin group passed by. There she was, right in the middle, laughing and filled with joy as she recounted her time at camp and all she’d achieved. When I asked her what she had learned over her time at Moorelands she said; 

“Moorelands has taught me how to be strong and think positively. From what I’ve learned here, I can teach others to be more confident like me.” 

At Moorelands Camp, kids like Natalie get the opportunity to develop self-esteem, resiliency and form positive, enduring friendships - the tools they need to overcome bullying and many other life challenges.

Moorelands changed Natalie. Be Natalie’s hero and make a donation to help her achieve her goal to spread some Moorelands campfire confidence to other Toronto kids.

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Here's how your donation can help:

$5 will buy a flashlight for campers to build connections on a campout
$10 will buy sunscreen to keep campers sun-safe as they develop confidence at camp
$30 will buy a pfd so campers can work on their resiliency and teamwork skills on the water
$169 will buy a 40-litre tripping backpack
$1,150 will pay for one child's entire camp experience

Thank you!


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