The Morris Moses Foundation (MMF) is a patient rights organization based in Nairobi. It was registered in 2009 in Kenya as a charitable organization. MMF's vision is the realization of a Kenya where all citizens have access to compassionate quality health care and treated with dignity at health care facilities regardless of their socio-economic status.

MMF was founded as a result of the personal experience of Mrs. Alice Mwongera whose husband and brother became victims of poor service delivery, negligence, and hostility meted out by healthcare personnel, when they sought treatment in one of Kenya's publicly funded hospitals. Sadly, both of them died within a span of six months of each other. As she sought answers to why there were poor services in the hospital to find out that the reality was that majority of the Kenyan population justifiably approach public hospitals with a sense of diminished expectations whenever they seek treatment there.

Alice and a few of her friends then founded MMF which believes that quality healthcare is achieved faster in an environment where patients are aware of their rights and an acceptable standard of expectation from their caregivers. In this regard, the Foundation has committed itself to the promotion of public awareness of issues pertinent to health care service delivery towards making the patient experience better VISION A Kenya, where all Kenyans can afford to go to well-equipped hospitals and be treated with dignity as human beings not a disease by qualified health personnel.
Our programs are designed
1. Advocate for patient rights
2. Lobbying for improved health care policies
3.Improve access of health care by advocating affordable insuarance,
4. Build the capacity of public health facilities where 80% of Kenyans go to provide patient centered health care.

In the last 4 years we have been able
1. Lobby for a patients rights