Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA)

NHPPA’s health freedom watchdogs keep one ear on Health Canada’s proposed regulation changes and the other on Canadian citizens concerned about their rights. Every donated dollar amplifies our team’s ability to continue defending an individual’s right to make personal health decisions. We bring awareness to restrictive regulations and increasing censorship of truthful information and then create resources to educate, motivate and build momentum to have a permanent solution called, the Charter of Health Freedom, become law.

The new Health Canada regulatory changes will increasingly threaten everyone’s access to natural remedies of their choice and funnel the public into a more dangerous model, one of pharmaceuticals. Regulations will restrict the progress of an entire industry and your right to treat your health naturally.

Your contribution to NHPPA on #GivingTuesday reverberates all the way to Ottawa. NHPPA will send Shawn Buckley to Ottawa to meet with Standing Committee on Health to examine proposed health legislation for Parliament. Current members of the Committee are not aware of the history that has led us to the current Natural Health Product Regulations. For decades as a constitutional lawyer and President of NHPPA, Shawn Buckley has called out Health Canada’s violation of citizen rights by way of the proposed regulation of natural health products (NHPs). Shawn has the background, the language and the knowledge of the industry to speak to legislators and shine a light on the nonsensical proposed changes to NHP regulation. No one speaks to the issues as effectively as Shawn! This is a critical step in our action plans, to ensure some of the most influential people in Parliament are on our side.

Your donations support our mission, to help ensure that NHPs are not regulated as chemical drugs. Because protecting health freedom can’t wait.

Our public #GivingTuesday fundraising goal for “Get Shawn Buckley to Ottawa” is $10,000. You can help us get there!

1. Buy a T-shirt! Wear it and share with fellow Canadians why the Charter of Health Freedom is important to you.

2. Make a donation (of $25, $50, $100 or more) to support NHPPA’s campaign work

#GivingTuesday Gift to You—A pdf of our Censorship Compendium when you make a donation, subscribe or email and request it.

The Censorship Compendium is an original collection of writings from some of our health freedom champions sharing how censorship has limited health freedoms in Canada and access to information affecting your health choices. The information in this compendium is an absolute necessity for understanding how censorship is affecting your health, by restricting what knowledge you can access, where and how it is delivered to you, and who you can trust. Readers have told us the Censorship Compendium information is enlightening, shocking and at times disturbing—a must-read! Our ultimate goal is to have Charter of Health Freedom become the law!

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