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Nigeria – Crushed but not Defeated!
Nigeria is a country torn in two. Southern Nigeria is economically stable and enjoys relative peace. Northern Nigeria, home to a substantial Christian population, is troubled by ongoing attacks by violent groups, social and economic insecurity, as well as ethnic and religious conflicts.

From 2006-2014, between 9,000 and 11,500 Christians were killed. More than a million people have been affected, with many driven from their homes and villages. Over 13,000 churches have been destroyed or abandoned.

But there are places of hope, and Open Doors is there. One Christian leader who has bravely worked to strengthen the Christian community in Adamawa State of northern Nigerian is Reverend Marcus Abana.  In 2014, his town was attacked by Boko Haram, a radical Islamic sect. As their villages were destroyed, churches were burnt down, homes were ransacked and they saw their neighbours killed, the people of the community fled and the church stopped meeting.

Reverend Markus has carefully and courageously worked to rebuild the church. Although our family of faith in North Eastern Nigeria is frightened, hurt and threatened with the return of Boko Haram, Reverend Marcus risked travelling to people’s homes. He encouraged them to return to church gatherings.  As a few people began to return to church, Open Doors came alongside the community.

Trauma healing, food and financial support was made possible because of people like you - allowing our brothers and sisters in Nigeria to begin to heal. Today, Open Doors is helping Reverend Markus build a new church building for his growing congregation. Please, pray for Reverend Markus and the community he shepherds as they rebuild. However much remains to be done, and you can help rebuild the broken land.

Please, give generously, as you are able, to provide microloans, vocational training, safe houses and urgently needed aid to our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

Your generosity this #GivingTuesday will go towards providing essential aid to Christians in Nigeria. We need to raise $40,000 before December 31st -  please give today!

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