Oppprtuntiy International Canada


We have just opened a new branch office in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and within six weeks of doing so, we had 35 new clients! 

As you can imagine, with 70% of the Honduran population living in poverty, there are many more people waiting to become clients. It is our goal to provide loans to 150 clients by the end of this year!

We invite you to consider adding a unique name to your Christmas list this year: A Honduran micro-entrepreneur searching for an opportunity.

For $300, we can provide one loan, training and support, and through that, attack poverty at its core. 


We are not asking you to give without having first added the people of San Pedro Sula to our own Christmas lists. Because the need is so clear, Opportunity International Canada‚Äôs Board of Directors and some exceptional friends, have decided to match every Christmas donation this year, dollar for dollar (up to $350,000) from now until December 31.

When you provide the investment for one loan, the loan is repaid and then made available to another new client. It might be the most sustainable and longest lasting gift you will give this Christmas.

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