Project: Humanity

Project: Humanity's COVID-19 Artist Partnership Program in Youth Shelters

Since its inception, Project: Humanity has maintained strong connections with shelters and community centres which serve youth on the margins. Before the pandemic, we were bringing 90-minute drama workshops to both Youth Without Shelter and SKETCH Working Arts at no cost to them.

The onset of COVID-19 has made it temporarily impossible for us to facilitate our drama programs in-person, at a time when youth in shelters are acutely in need of the human connection and creative outlet these programs provide. Simultaneously, work in the performing arts sector is changing rapidly, as artists of all disciplines watch their future projects, productions, and tours become indefinitely suspended. The need to innovate and adapt is clear.

Project: Humanity is responding to this challenge by launching our COVID-19 ARTIST PARTNERSHIP Program.
Through this initiative, Project: Humanity is adapting our drama programs for youth in the care system by transitioning from live programming to weekly 1:1 interdisciplinary artist-youth mentorship sessions taking place online. Youth in shelters will be paired with professional artists based on their interests in order to learn new skills in a wide variety of disciplines, such as playing guitar, sketching a self-portrait, or developing a stand-up comedy routine. 

Part of the mandate of this program is to support the arts sector—one of the most brutally affected groups during this time of restricted social norms. While we are moved by the professional artists in our network who are willing to volunteer their time, we are committed to compensating their skilled mentorship and providing a much-needed opportunity for them to earn income using their expertise at this time.

To do this, we need your help.

Donations to this program will go directly toward compensating our professional artist-mentors as they help youth in shelters tap into their own creativity, curiosity, and capacity for joy in these times of social isolation.

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