Resist Exploitation Embrace Dignity

On Giving Tuesday, we invite people who want to stop sexual exploitation in their communities and around the world to partner with us financially and to invest in justice for women.

REED seeks to end trafficking and sexual exploitation and to strengthen the anti-trafficking movement through a comprehensive approach to change.

REED addresses trafficking and sexual exploitation by working for the dignity of women both systemically (dignity at a societal level), and individually (dignity at a personal level).

We are deeply aware of the need to address root causes of gender-based oppression while at the same time reaching out to women in mercy and friendship. To this end we have two prongs to our work: resisting exploitation and embracing dignity.

In the area of resistance we lift up the voice of those whose voices have been silenced and advocate for systemic change that upholds their dignity. In the area of embrace, we walk with trafficked women and those suffering from sexual exploitation.

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