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This holiday season, the COVID-19 pandemic has many people across our community struggling with mental health issues. From families facing debt and unemployment, to youth facing depression and addiction, from seniors facing loneliness and isolation, to women and children facing domestic violence, Resolve Counselling Services Canada offers counselling services to families and individuals across our community to help them build resilience and improve well-being.  

Studies show that Canadians may face “an explosion in mental illness for years after the COVID-19 pandemic is finally over.” Thankfully, generous donors have helped Resolve meet changing community needs by providing increased access to services through a virtual walk-in clinic, remote counselling options, and our new Women’s Immediate Support Program, which provides tiered and triaged options for women facing domestic violence. 

But as COVID-19 continues to impact our lives we need to ensure that our counsellors are enabled to provide much-needed help—especially as we see numbers soar.  Your gift is urgently needed to help support counselling services for families and individuals in our community. 

On GivingTuesday, please help families and individuals across our community by giving a gift to Resolve Counselling Services Canada.

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