Roseneath Theatre

I think we can all agree that our mission to inspire young people with the professional shows we take into schools is a generally noble one - BUT, below, we offer two specific points, which drive our day-to-day efforts, for you to consider - points we hope might 'seal the deal', and earn your support of this campaign.

Since our earliest days, Roseneath has endeavoured, with a high degree of success, to create new works of the absolute highest quality --- shows anchored in subject matter that resonates with young people, presented in a dynamic inspiring fashion.

Think of us like that family member or co-worker who excels at finding the absolute best gifts --- the one you want to get your name in the Holiday Exchange. Like that family member or co-worker, Roseneath regularly lands upon real gems. Shows such as OutsideThe Money Tree, and Spirit Horse --- seminal/timeless works that are now presented regularly as part of our repertoire. And, working with fine established and up and coming Playwrights, we're also continually focused on unearthing brand new hits for our audience.

Over our 35 years, Roseneath has been nominated for 51 Dora Mavor Moore Awards and have received 14 awards. We were also a recent finalist for the Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Every year we offer up shows for Elementary and High School students, sometimes presented in theatres, but more often we hop in the Roseneath vans and travel directly to schools. That's where our heart lies. And to that end, we share our second point-of-Pride...

Though we're a small staff, we've an impressive reach -- every year our plays are shared with more than 80,000 young people, throughout Ontario and the US; in fact, we are the first professional theatre company to have visited every school district in Ontario, from the Niagara region to the northern-most tips of the Province. Further to that, the art that is on display is offered to schools at a low-cost that averages out to less than $3 per student. The work our company offers is vital to those teachers who, despite constrained budgets, make every effort to engage young people in live theatre.

So, in effect, any funds you offer to Roseneath Theatre will support artistic excellence offered at a low cost, and will play to thousands upon thousands of students. We hope that we can count on your support.

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